Release of the PlayStation4 console on the Chinese market.

Basement Brawl as a demonstration game

Tonight during a press conference organized by SONY details of the release of the PlayStation 4 on the Chinese market will be announced. One of the games shown will be a special version of Basement Brawl, dedicated to the Chinese market prepared by Cracow based Bloober Team.

- It is a great honor and acknowledgment of our competence and potential. We are in the group of a dozen or so games that will be available on the PS4 in China's launch window. Our cooperation with SONY is very forward-looking. It is possible that even this year we will be able to boast of another joint initiative - says Peter Babieno, President Bloober Team. Sony's PS4 console will go on sale in China at the beginning of 2015. It is estimated that both Sony and Microsoft can sell tens of millions of their consoles on the local market.

Recall that in December we will know the official release date and price of Basement Brawl on the European and American market. The game is designed for PS4 console, but simultaneously special versions for Nvidia platforms and PlayStation Vita are being created. The latter will also be distributed in the Chinese market in collaboration with Sony.