Ongoing tests of Basement Brawl

Scopophobia will be released on PC and PlayStation 4

Bloober Team, a developer specializing in horror / thriller games, announced that it has completed the pre-production work on the game Scopophobia for PC and PlayStation 4. At last the beta-testing of Basement Brawl will begin. The release date will be announced later this month.

Scopophobia will be the first game of the horror / thriller genre from the Bloober Team studio. Recall that the revised strategy implies the Cracow company's specialization in this type of game. Scophophobia is a horror with a strong focus on the dark vibes, but also with mechanisms which allow you to play game with other players.

- For a long time we were looking for the best gameplay solutions. Now, after a period of prototyping we have begun production work. The game will be released on PC and PS4 - says Peter Babieno, President of Bloober Team.

In December, the official release date for Basement Brawl will be announced. Currently the game is in the final testing phase, after which it will be made available to journalists. Basement Brawl is dedicated for the PS4 console. In parallel, special versions are also formed on Nvidia and PlayStation Vita platforms. The latter will be distributed in the Chinese market

  - The Chinese version is being prepared for this console's launch window in China. Sony has high hopes regarding this release, just as we have. Soon we will give more information on this topic - adds Babieno