The new issue of shares and transition on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Bloober Team intensifies expansion into the Chinese market. By the end of the quarter an office in Hong Kong will be opened. The office will be responsible for marketing and acquisition of new orders. The promotion and development of new move will be supported by, among other things, the proceeds from the issue of shares. Until the end of 2015 the company intends to move to the main stock of the WSE.

- Growing by leaps and bounds, the Chinese gaming market opens up a range of new opportunities, especially as we are already highly valued by our Chinese partners. Already, our cooperation with the Chinese market has brought promising first results. The intensification of this action, however, requires our constant presence in China. I expect that during this quarter we will be able to boast of a new initiative - says Peter Babieno, President Bloober Team.

Recall that Bloober Team has already been present in China since last year. A special version of the game "Brawl" was chosen by Sony as one of several titles promoted during the launch window (in the first three months upon the launch) of the PlayStation 4' premiere in China. The company also created a separate version for Sony designed for the PlayStation Vita, and produced a special edition of the game on the Chinese console ‘Tron’.

In view of the good prospects for the sale of its production to the local market as well as the intensification of cooperation with Chinese players in recent weeks, the company decided to start preparations for the opening of a branch in Hong Kong, which has become the center of activities related to the Chinese market and the entire region of Asia. Intensification of activities, however, requires resources. Therefore, the Board has asked the shareholders to agree to the issue of new shares of series D without pre-emptive rights. The maximum value of the issue will amount to the equivalent of 2.5 million. - Our plans, especially the first trailers of the three titles, which are expected to launch in 2015, have met with a favorable reception by investors. In recent weeks, we have had many inquiries about the possibility of investing in the company. This does not change the fact that the proceeds from the issuance will support the completion, and especially the appropriate marketing of new titles and the promotion of the company in China - says the president. Recall that in February BRAWL will hit the market. More titles, which are scheduled for release this year is Scopophobia and Medium. So far, the production of all three Bloober Team titles issued a total of over 10 million zł.