Brawl launch on the PS 4 in February

New Bloober Team's game for approx. $ 15

In February "BRAWL"- the long awaited game by Kraków based Bloober Team, will be launched. The price of the game during the promotional period will be approx. 15 USD. In the first place, "BRAWL" will be available for users of the PlayStation 4.

- We are going to start 2015 with a success for - says Peter Babieno, President of Bloober Team. The premiere of "BRAWL" is important to us not only because of the importance of branding, but mainly because we put a lot of work into the production, supported also by the players themselves. After a lot of focus groups and many conversations with industry partners, we have put, in this title, very high hopes. Moreover, now we can ensure that the game will be developed further. We want to give more than 18.5 million users Playstation 4 an incredibly addictive game - a "party-game", a genre that is not represented on this console and does not have too much competition.

According to the announcement, all players who have already bought the game "Basement Crawl" will be able to receive "BRAWL" completely for free. Price for new users will amount to approx. 15 USD. The final amount will be determined and made public a few days before the premiere. Importantly, this price is for promotional purposes and shall be binding only in the first few weeks of sales, and after this time will be increased to approx. 20 USD. -We will provide an extensive free demo version as a nod to our potential players. Upon test of the game, the player will be able to make the purchase.Thereby we want to give this to understand that we are very confident in the attractiveness of its product- emphasizes Piotr Babieno.