Basement Brawl will be release for PlayStation4 and PlayStation Vita

Bloober Team aims at China

Bloober Team has granted Sony Entertaiment Group a license for distribution and promotion of Basement Brawl on PS Vita in China. Like the version of the game on the PlayStation 4, the license will be valid for 5 years. In October, the company will present a new strategy for the coming years.

- The potential of the Chinese market is huge. We see it and we are trying to capitalise on this, for instance by our contract with Huawei, to produce a special edition of the game for the Chinese market only on the console Tron. Of course, it has its own characteristics that must be taken into consideration while leading business there. I think that granting Sony the license gives us the ability to sell our game, which will be significant for the company's results for 2014 and 2015 year, therefore we have decided to inform you about this- explains Peter Babieno, President of Bloober Team.

The premiere of Basement Brawl in China is planned for the breakthrough of the year. Earlier, the game will be released in Europe and the United States. Recall that due to criticism of the players Bloober Team decided to create a game completely from scratch and make it available for free to users of PS4 who bought the first version. This is the first time in history that an independent developer opted for this type of solution to the problems arising from the malfunction of the game - The game is made with a new engine, with many new add-ons. Such an approach to the problem has met a wave of positive comments from all over the world and is indicated by the players as an example of how other developers should behave after such a situation - emphasizes Babieno. Earlier, the company announced that its technology partner Basement Brawl for the PC and Android- operated consoles is NVIDIA.

In October Bloober Team will present a new strategy for the coming years, direction of the development of the company and the most important areas of activity.- We have redefined our vision. Our mistakes allowed us to learn from the market what will be best for the company, what will be most profitable and in which direction we should go. I think both players and shareholders will be staisfied- emphasizes Piotr Babieno.